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  • Explore the galaxy, help to maintain order or rebel against tyrannical corporations in Era: The Consortium!
  • Save the world (or do whatever you want with your powers) in a world of superheroes and supervillains - Era: The Empowered!
  • Endure the post-apocalypse in a world full of horrifying infected monsters and rotting zombies in Era: Survival!
  • Or, explore our wide catalogue of other Era games, with everything from modern day super-assassins, various flavours of fantasy, a Final Fantasy-inspired game, chilling cosmic horror and even becoming a giant kaiju! There is an Era game for everyone!
  • The ERA D10 Rule Set

    The Era D10 rule set is the overarching system that underpins every Era game.

    Each Era game is separate from the others in feeling, setting and genre. Every Era game has carefully crafted game mechanics unique to their world, while still following the same core “idea”. While eac Era title is playable entirely independent of one another, they all share the core Era D10 Rule Set DNA that powers play, making it much easier to learn one if you've played another. Era D10 is a dice pool system that works by rolling a number of D10s equal to a character's abilities, and determining levels of success by securing enough passes. This approach makes for quick and fun combat, as well as easy and robust skill use during role play.

    Failures and Fumbling