A busy time!

Hi everyone!

Things are pretty busy over here at “Shades of Vengeance HQ” (yeah, that’s what I call the shed in my back garden).

The second part of the Ice Cream for Everyone Podcast is now available here! I talk about helping other people we helped create their games, a little about Kickstarter and a few random questions at the end!

We’ve had new deliveries of Consortium books (15 paperback, 15 hardback!), we’ve got a convention tomorrow and you will know if you’re incredibly eagle-eyed that it’s actually our company year end, so we need to do a stock take and get all the info over to our accountant!


So yeah, combine that with the normal writing stuff I have ongoing and you’ll see what I’m pretty busy!

In relation to that, see you guys next week!

– Ed

P.S. Don’t forget it’s the last two days of our Kickstarter!

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