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I’ve got good news on all fronts for you today. After only a slight delay, that troublesome courier dwarf was eventually found – and identified as Ronnie Bowfingers, a well-known member of the Lyres movement. I am happy to announce that Era: Lyres has made it to Kickstarter!!

The game that lets players create the action is ready and waiting for you. The last time I checked we were already closing in on half-way to funded so you’d best hustle if you want to catch any of those Early Bird rewards. I know you’re really going to enjoy what we’ve put together for you.

The reward tiers are filled with things like Digital, Physical and Hardcover copies of the rulebook as well as special sessions and a comic. Also, if you’re a fan of the author Travis Hill, then you’ll be excited to hear that he’s agreed to join our story writing team as one of our Stretch goals.

This game isn’t going to be something you set on the table and simply look at the pretty pictures. It’s going to turn your regular gaming sessions into something entirely new!

I have one more piece of Kickstarter news today. Counting Down From One is now fully funded! Thank you to everyone who supported this great indie comic from the Era: The Consortium universe. With your help this project is sure to be completed. For anyone who hasn’t taken a look at it yet, there’s still plenty of time to jump in and get a copy of this story and the rest of the series. The rewards are great and include copies of the entire 21 page comic as well as the first session of the Time Travel Campaign, Era: The Consortium rulebook and even a chance to get a custom sketch made by the artist. Perhaps a stunning sketch of yourself to hang over the fireplace?

Before I leave today I’ll send you off with one last nugget of good news. I was just told that we are in the process of signing with another game creator! “Collisions” is a near future game that will be using our own Era D10 rules set. Helping people create the games they’ve been dreaming of is really the lifeblood of what we do here and I’m thrilled to see more new titles coming your way!

See you next time!

– A

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