A Few New Consortium Writers – The Oracle

Ed is always working hard to bring you new games with the absolute best design and content. Whether it’s a unique playing experience, high quality artwork, or immersive story and world building; he’s dedicated to making these games amazing. In an effort to continue that tradition Ed has been out recruiting some writers who are well-known in the tabletop industry. He’s already signed contracts with two and is negotiating a third. These new writers, coupled with Ed’s own expansions in partnership with the original creation team means there’s going to be an explosion of awesome new stuff! Every time I finish one project I turn around and there’s another one waiting to be written. It’s an exciting time to be a part of the Consortium!

The expansions are each moving along right on schedule. Artwork is coming around for the Fifth Race and we hope to get that out to you on time. I’m told I can pass along a new image for you next week so be sure to come back and check that out. Our other expansions are also plugging along in development. Ed playtested the new psionics and advanced hacking mechanics last weekend and he tells me that they both went over extremely well. Won’t be long now and you’ll have a wealth of content to explore in the Consortium.

Be back next week with more news!

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