A History in Profiles: Diane Greene

If the weight of an officer’s badge is measured in lives lost, Diane Greene has one of the heaviest burdens to bear. During the Bug War, when humans were still trying to figure out just what they were fighting, Captain Greene’s small team of skilled volunteers were sent to investigate a Ximian hive and if possible capture one of the aliens. A suicide mission.

The loss of Diane’s team drove her to the edge of sanity but instead of stepping off into the darkness she started to build hope. She spent countless days and nights designing and pushing for the implementation of a new comabt suit. Captain Greene called in every favor, used every trick and climbed every ladder to eventually present her ideas to General Silver. Her one thought and one goal, no other soldier would suffer the same overwhelming defeat as her team.

Captain Diane Greene was helpless to save the lives of her loyal soldiers but she made damn sure their deaths weren’t for nothing.

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