A History in Profiles – Keelaa – The Oracle

In the Consortium universe there are heroes and villains, martyrs and cowards and everyone in between. Some characters fall into those categories quite easily, others resist definition and that is what makes them legendary.

Keelaa, military quartermaster turned Scimitar Unit Commander, is one of these indefinable characters. We don’t have much information on her early years, what we do know starts with her position as a simple quartermaster for her Resistance military unit. She passed out linens and made sure everyone had enough supplies to go around. Not a bad job but she must have seen in herself the ability to do more because she volunteered for a risky experiment.

Resistance scientists were testing the Ximian Wonder Drug and Keelaa jumped at the opportunity. She was at an advanced level of hand to hand fighting training and the chemical slush of drugs appeared to make her into a supersoldier; with one problem. This new drug was highly addictive.

When the Resistance learned of her addiction she was demoted to the position of quartermaster once again and left to manage the supplies of a base on Arawn. This could have been the end of Keelaa’s story; just another tragic soldier who fell from grace. It probably would have if they had not been attacked.

Troops were sent to destroy what they believed was an easy target – all they had to do was find the base and take them out. They didn’t expect such heavy resistance, all the personnel in the base were designated as non-ccombat, including their quartermaster. During the battle, Keelaa became a living weapon. While Consortium troops searched for their hidden base in vain, she single-handedly killed two hundred enemy troops over three separate outposts and saved the lives of everyone in her own base. This earned her the position of Scimitar Unit Commander as well as the respect and fear of her peers.

Since her promotion, Keelaa has been busying herself running missions; crashing freighters carrying secret anti-alien weapons and hijacking the Consortium News broadcast for Steve Adams. She has swiftly become known as one of the most dangerous and skilled Resistance operatives.

She is a hero to the Resistance, a villain to the Consortium and a legend. The best part is… she’s not done yet.

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