A New Book in the Works! – The Oracle

Have you ever wondered just what goes on over there at the Patreon campaign? I’m going to be totally honest with you here and say that it’s all a bit of a mystery to me. If you’re like me and you’re a bit intrigued but too shy to ask about it, then you’re going to love today’s news.

I was recently informed that Ed is working to combine the sessions he’s written for Patreon into a combined Time Travel Campaign book! That’s brilliant news for anyone who wanted to jump in but wasn’t quite sure where to start, ahem, like me.

The sessions are going to be entirely re-written and fleshed out with new and unique artwork. One of my favorite parts of Era: The Consortium have always been the fabulous pieces of art so I can’t wait to see what new images come along with this book. I don’t have any information on release date expectations or availability yet but I do know that when it’s finished Ed will be presenting this book at all the conventions we attend.

Just another reason to come see us!

Until next time.

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