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You might think that with everything we’ve got going on lately we wouldn’t be making much progress. I mean, there’s the Lyres Kickstarter we just wrapped and are working on extra content, the Consortium rulebooks to send out and the big MCM Comicon convention to get ready for! Well, even with all that going on we’re still working hard at all our other games. The creators are excited to get these out to you and some have been putting in a lot of overtime to make that happen.

All across the board we’ve got games that are making headway. Each one has a unique creator and a unique vision which means they’re all going to run at different times. We do our best to accommodate and assist each creator with their game. Some of them have a good deal of availability while others have to sneak away bits of time. Either way, they’re all working hard so we are too. Here’s a lineup of where they’re all at!

Marked for Death will be gearing up for its own Kickstarter launch after we get back from MCM Comicon. It’s going to calm down a bit around here after MCM so with that small amount of peace, quite and zen we will really focus on giving Marked for Death the attention it deserves. Get yourself ready to grab a copy of this game when it comes out!

Frontier will be putting on its finishing touches through the months of May and June. Frankly I was shocked when Ed told me this. Wasn’t it just a few news posts ago when I announced we started work on Frontier? It seemed fast to me and I’m excited to see this game getting ready to play. It’s being created by a pair of University students who have been working hard during all their holiday hours to really polish this game before it gets to Kickstarter. See, they could have been partying or taking a holiday on some tropical beach but instead they’ve been laying down rules, writing content and approving art for their game…now that’s dedication!

Defend the Planet is really starting to get it’s legs. The creator is up to his elbows in decisions on what content to write, who’s going to write it, as well as what he’d like to see for art. I’d love to see some new images of this game so I hope we can get a sneak peak real soon. The game is making some real progress and I hope to get you even more news in the coming weeks.

Last but of course not least…MCM Comicon! We will be taking Amazing Space Adventures and Order of the Link with us to the convention on May 22nd so please stop by and take a look at these great games. There will be plenty of opportunities to meet our game designers, pour through some of our games and even walk away with a rulebook or a few posters! Bring your questions for Ed about starting a new game; he loves to talk about making your idea for a game come to life.

Until next time!

– A

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