Another Expansion Book Has Been Delivered – The Oracle

It’s time to mark down another successfully completed Expansion book! The team has worked hard and finished Time Travel Part 4 which has now been sent out to all backers. The printers are currently working on producing the physical copies. That’s one more Consortium Expansion down!

Home Base is still being developed but we’re getting closer to the end of this one as well. The images are all complete and right now Ed is working on the write-ups. Home Base will have several example ships for you which will include the number of slots available for you to install the base’s components. Today’s feature image is one such ship. This ship, with its red-boxed zones, will be a handy way for you to determine just where you’re going to place the engine core, skunworks, general quarters, and any other element that you’d like to include.

We’re getting closer to the end of our second Consortium Expansion series. I’ll be following along as it all gets finished up and we move on to our next big Consortium project. Keep checking here to see what’s happening next and be sure to stop by our table at MCM Comicon May 25-27th in London to play a Consortium session with one of our expert Game Masters!

See you next week for more news and updates.