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Do you worry about Orc invasions? Do you lie awake at night wondering if your home is troll proof and do you know how best to defend yourself against a sandworm?

Well, if you’re one of the lucky Kickstarter backers to get our deluxe edition of the Lyre’s rulebook then you just may find out. Writing has now wrapped up and the art is finalized on our Bestiary! This Era:Lyres supplement is going to be chock full of details about some of the nasties that might be roaming the hills and swamps of our universe. It could just save your life…or at the very least entertain you.

Armed with all the knowledge of when and where to look for the best monsters you can then take your time to explore the lands surrounding Yarnolth using our Travelers Guide. This special Kickstarter add-on is underway and we’re working hard to include lots of fun details. We’re also in the process of getting those extra stories written so that your experience with Lyres is top notch!

I hope this sounds good to you because I’m pretty excited about all the extra content being created for Lyres. It’s a fun game and I love knowing that it’s going to be supported by all this additional material. If you missed out on the Kickstarter and you’re wondering when’s the next chance you’ll have to get a copy…we’ve got you covered. Just get yourself a ticket for MCM Comicon in London, coming up May 22nd, and come see us. We’ll be selling the basic Lyre’s rulebook as well as a limited number of posters so get there early!

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– A

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