Best Time for New Ideas! – The Oracle

We’re heading to MCM Comicon in less than a week now and we really hope to see you there. Along with playing sessions of our games you’ll have a chance to meet and discuss your ideas with the creator of Marked for Death as well as Ether. There’s going to be no better time to get an inside view of what it’s like to create games with Shades of Vengeance.

Whether you’re new to our games or just getting started we’ll have loads of information for you and plenty of people for you to talk with. You can ask questions like:

– Do I need to know everything about a game before I start to make it?

– How do I work with artists and writers?

– What should I do if I’ve never created a game before?

– Will you help to make my game even if it sounds crazy? For example, “Ninja Space Cats”!

Our team of creators would be happy to answer these and all your questions.

See you at MCM!


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