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Congratulations to everyone who’s worked so hard on Marked for Death. The Kickstarter has reached and surpassed it’s goal! However, we’ve still got quite a few days to make some stretch goals so if you haven’t already, please pass this along to all your friends and neighbors. Trust me, they’ll thank you for it.

The first stretch goal coming up is Army of Assassins. We get to create 20 pre-made characters for you to play. I’m not gonna lie, that part sounds like a whole lot of fun. Each of them will have their own varied set of skills so you can hit the ground running when you receive your copy.

This game is making a lot of progress. By Monday we expect to have a character creation booklet ready for our backers. Besides the booklet, Ed is also at work editing the rulebook to have it good to go by the end of the Kickstarter. Great things are happening so keep watching!

Moving on to other game news. Have you heard about our newest title?

The game currently entitled “Eden” has just been signed on and it looks like a really interesting experience. The rule system will be unique; using the d20. Ed is helping to create the system so you know it will be thoroughly tested and just complex enough to be engaging while also making sense.

Now for the bit you’ve been waiting for. Did anyone take bets on what sort of fantasy world our newest game will be exploring? Well, it’s going to be set in a high magic fantasy world like none we’ve ever done before. It will have some fantastical elements such as spirits and soul vortices. Did you guess vortices? Give yourself a solid pat on the back if you did.

In all seriousness I’m really excited to know more about this game. It looks to be very different from other games we’ve gotten into and I can’t wait to find out. Keep your ears tuned so you can be in on the details the minute I hear about them.

Until then, keep on rolling!

– A

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