Champion of Earth Kickstarter Has Launched!

Hi everyone!

Our latest Kickstarter Campaign, Champion of Earth, has just launched!

You can find it here.

There are physical and digital options, as well as some awesome Kickstarter-exclusive rewards, so check it out!

This is a very special moment for me, as it’s the first card game I’ve ever created. While I’ve dabbled in cards for Era: Survival and am therefore confident I can make the logistics of it work, I was actually surprised to see how well people took to it when they tried it out.

Last year, I did an Era: The Consortium Kickstarter where I did a post every day about the expansions, where they came from and so on. I thought I would do the same thing for Champion of Earth! I’ll give you a daily featured image of a card and some details about how we arrived at that card. I might include a chat about the mechanics, or some more interesting info, the aim being to provide some more insight into how this game was developed.

For today, I’m going to leave you with the title image of Champion of Earth, one of my favourites out of those Sofia has created for us.

Title Slice

– Ed