Chipping Away at Outstanding Games!

Hi everyone!

Well, as you know, all of our games are outstanding, but that’s not quite what I meant by the title…

Evil Overlord’s Kickstarter rewards have now been fully fulfilled. Era: The Consortium’s “Universe of Expansions Volume 2” have almost achieved the same (just waiting on a couple more book deliveries for the last 2 people!). Era: The Empowered is in the printing process and we expect books to arrive with us within a few weeks.

That means that almost all of our Kickstarters are fulfilled, which is fantastic! But we’re not sitting still…

Battlecruiser Alamo’s Proofreading is well underway, and on schedule for delivery in December, and Era: The Chosen’s editing is underway as well. Life on Gaia – our first audio book – is live on Kickstarter now, and doing quite well!

We are also preparing our final game of the year, Era: Survival Colony, for launch on Kickstarter in a few weeks.

In short, it’s a very busy time, but we’re loving every minute of it! I hope you’ll check out some of our newest releases and join us in exploring new universes!

– Ed