Hi everyone!

Today, I’m talking about the D’Aoust Clan who, I think it’s fair to say, are not generally viewed in a positive light by the other Clans…

“They are dwarfed by what they have found, small men made big by picking the bones of what came before.”

The D’aousts are primarily dedicated to the appropriation of objects of power from the Lost Lands – they see the neighbouring dimension as their personal gold mine and are loath to share any of the profits of power that they may receive. They accept that the Anonassi are a threat to their claim and therefore fight them when necessary. However, they concern themselves little (if at all) with the welfare of the people who live in the Lost Lands, except where they can provide access to new technologies to salvage.

To the D’aoust family, friends are only as good as the benefits they bring to you, and loyalty is always for sale (albeit at a very high premium). They intend to be at the forefront of Humanity, reaping the glory, no matter what the future brings.

– Ed