A Closer Look at Species – The Oracle

I mentioned a few posts back that Ed was going to develop a series of source books. They will include loads of history on each of the races and answer some of the questions you may have been asking yourself since you picked up the first book. Along with in-depth history, these books are going to provide unique Specialities, Equipment, and Rules that are specific to each species.

Here is an sketch from the book detailing the Ximian chronicles.

Ximian Brains

If you’ve ever wondered how the Ximian’s invented the technology that moved Essus, what happened on their journey that made them react so badly to humans, or what the Bug War looked like from their point of view then you’re going to love these books. I’ll be adding more information on this project as it comes together.

That’s it for me! More news and details coming next week.


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