More Comics Are On The Way – The Oracle

Welcome to another fabulous round of Shades of Vengeance news! We’ve got Patreon, Kickstarter, and comic updates for you so sit back and take it all in.

First up, Comic News! Ever since our initial foray into the world of art-fueled story telling we’ve been hooked on creating these fun books. It’s a well-known fact that comics and rpgs go together like old-timey wizards and Magic Missile, so Ed and the team have been diving head first into producing great comic adventures to push the boundaries of our gaming worlds.

With that in mind, Ed will be building up our Comics division in the coming months and you can expect to see a lot more from several of your favorite characters. We’ll be starting out with a piece centered around Era: Empowered’s Violete, a super-powered heroine that I think you’re going to love. She’s going to kick off a brand new comics series and I’ll be sharing all the details with you in our regular news posts. As time goes on, we may even add a special Comics News Day to our lineup.

Comics are fantastic but what we’re here to do is play games, right? I’m excited to announce that our break-out card game, Champion of Earth will be starting its very first Expansion Kickstarter very soon! The “Robots and Cyborgs” Expansion edition will be a great add-on to your regular game and give you the opportunity to inject even more fun into this already crazy game. Through the Kickstarter you’ll also get another chance to get in on the Limited Edition Expansion deck, so newer hardcore fans should definitely check this out.

We have another first coming up for you all: the first Era: Survival campaign is debuting on Patreon this month! Long-time readers will recognize Patreon as the place to get unique Consortium content, sneak peeks, and even special offers.

Now, you’ll be able to do the same for Survival with the Era: Survival Foundation Campaign Sessions! It’s easy to join and the rewards just keep stacking so take a minute and see what we’re all about. [ ]

That’s all I’ve got for today but hopefully I’ve left you plenty to think about. See you next time!