Coming To AetherCon This Fall – The Oracle

I love conventions: meeting new people, listening to professional panels, getting in on the latest products from amazing independent creators. I do have one confession to make. I’ve never personally been to a convention. If you’re like me and you live embarrassingly far from any decent sized city there’s a good chance you haven’t been to one either. This is exactly why I’m thrilled to see Shades of Vengeance attending the AetherCon online convention November 10-12th! [ ]

No long drives or uncomfortable stays at cheap hotels, all you have to do is roll out of bed in your comfy clothes and start participating. This event is free to attend and so easy to participate. Shades of Vengeance will be an exhibitor this year and we’re looking forward to this unique event.

So, what can you expect to see from us there? We will have special offers on our books during the convention weekend. You will also find several Shades of Vengeance prizes in the drawings. And be sure to swing by the live Speed Painting duels where you’ll get a chance to check out our very own Keith as he demonstrates his fabulous artistic abilities. There are plenty of reasons to attend and we hope you’ll all make time to drop by.

See you all on Saturday for more news and sneak peeks!