Find out what are we delivering this year! Part 3: Shades of Vengeance (Games & Novels)

Hi everyone! Today, we’re doing the third and final post about what’s coming this year, exploring what’s coming from Shades of Vengeance in terms of RPGs, Card Games, Novels and more!

What games have we already had?

We’ve had a pretty busy year! Delivering the artwork for the Era: Forbidden project has continued to be challenging. We have hired two new artists to deliver our latest Core Rulebook as soon as possible.

Experience the world explored through Era: Survival games with our latest novel and audio book!
Enter Era: Survival’s world with Life on Gaia!

As Life on Gaia was so successsful on Kickstarter in January, we will be looking at the collected stories from some of our other games. The History of the Future, the Era: The Consortium novel, was also received very well. We’re planning to continue with Era: Lost Legend’s story next!

We have finished writing and editing Era: The Consortium’s four new expansions. In fact, they are either with the proofreader or with Kickstarter backers already! I’m very pleased with our third wave of expansions, and I know you’ll love them too. I’ll be bringing those onto the store before long, but I don’t have any further plans for Era: The Consortium until next year apart from that!

Add your games to the Living Campaign, and change the zones of control in the Consortium!

Except the Living Campaign! This idea has been met with wide encouragement, and I hope that we’ll be able to continue for a long time. Don’t forget to check it out:

The first of our 5th Anniversary projects has also complete, with Era: Hitman v1.1 over 350% Funded on Kickstarter. We hope to update several games during the rest of the year, including Era: Balam, a new version of Era: The Empowered (read on to find out more!) and the possibility of an Era: The Empowered Definitive Edition all being discussed within the team! Which would you most like to see?

Encouraging Creativity!

The Writer’s Journey, our “Choose Your Own Adventure” book which helps you learn to write is now available on our store.

After a successful Kickstarter in March, we will be looking at what more we can deliver!

I have an idea about turning our frequent panel, “How to be Creative” into a book. Does that sound interesting to you?

RIGHT NOW: Prototype Games!

We’re in the process of bringing you the chance to try out our prototypes! I’ve been playing several of these at conventions on Discord in recent years, and they are 90% there. I decided that The Era Zone could take on a new form, delivering new games that work with just the Era d10 Fundamentals:

Upcoming Games

We also have two more games coming this year:

Era: Deadwest has been in a similar difficult place with artwork for some time. This pocket game is otherwise ready, and I’d like to get it out to backers by the end of the year! I will post more about what to expect soon, so keep an eye out!

Adapt has been waiting an extremely long time to come to the world! This light-hearted game came out at work one lunchtime recently and restored my faith that people will enjoy it. I’ve decided to put it on Kickstarter a little later this year, so keep an eye out!

And that’s everything that I have planned right now! I hope that’s enough for you – with at least 2 new games, a novel, prototypes of upcoming work and several expansions, it’s going to be keeping us busy!

– Ed

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