The Consortium expands into 2015! – The Oracle

Here at Shades of Vengeance, we have come up with a New Year’s resolution list and it reads something like this: get more sleep, take days off, and make more comics. We’ve convened a council and plan to completely ignore the first two, but we’re already banging away on that last one!

Our second big comic, Counting Down From One, has been such a hit and the creators have had so much fun writing it that it’s turning into a trilogy. You heard me…a trilogy. Three times the awesome. So, in order to do this up right we’re going to be running a new Kickstarter to help fund the last two parts of the comic and bring it out in gorgeous full color style.

For those of you who backed our earlier Kickstarter and are waiting on your reward; we’ve got you covered. You’re going to receive Part One in full color as soon as we can get it done. Keep checking back to get more information on the upcoming Kickstarter. If you liked Last Stand of Stilleto Unit, you’re going to love this!

One last thing for everyone who’s currently playing the v0.8 Primer. The rules just got a bit better. After playtesting revealed there was room for improvement we ran a small change through some trial runs and it went over great. Don’t worry, it won’t inhibit you from playing what you’ve got right now. We’ll publish the change with the Full Rulebook so you can play with the benefit of the improvement!


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