More Consortium Adventures Coming Your Way – The Oracle

As the Home Base Expansion book continues to take shape we’re also looking forward to an increase in available adventures for the entire Consortium series. Ed has put out a general call for writers to join this project and several people have already come forward to help out. We’re looking to grow the number of scenarios and campaigns by leaps and bounds so pay attention to this space because they’re coming in soon!

Today’s featured image is another peek into Home Base. So far I’ve shown you the engine core and general quarters areas which are both very essential for a solid home base. Something that’s not a life-sustaining essential but still an integral part of any working base is the Skunkworks. When you want to develop new weapon upgrades you’ll have to do some research and there’s no better place to conduct your top secret improvements than in your own Skunkworks lab.

Some of you may recognize the name Skunkworks from another science fiction game. Ed chose to label this Home Base feature as a reference to an older turn-based strategy game. Any other fans out there remember Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri?

Overall, things are moving along smoothly for Home Base as well as the rest of the Consortium. Next week I’ll have more news and updates for you so be sure to stop by!

See you then!