Consortium Expansion Rewards News – The Oracle

Get yourselves ready because the physical rewards are starting to ship!

Expansions Volume 1 is only 2 pictures away from being finished, we’re nearly there! The index has been added and the whole thing has been checked and proofread by our team. It’s good to go! The Definitive Edition is undergoing some editing and proofreading on various sections and we’re optimistic that it should be finished by the end of April as we had committed. Revival is coming along right behind everything else.

As you know, Revival has been the last book to reach a finished stage and you might be wondering why. Well, Ed and long-time collaborator, Johnathan Lewis, had the option of just doing the bare minimum with this book. It was originally slated to come in at 60 pages. However, after getting into things, Ed and John became hooked with the story and this book is now a 150 page labor of love for them both. They’re convinced that this book is going to be fantastic and they really feel you deserve to have the best game they can make. I can’t wait to see what they’ve created once it’s all finished.

Thank you for your continued support and patience, we know that you’re going to love all these expansions!