Consortium Expansion Rewards Update – The Oracle

I’ve got good news for you today, Ed has now sent out all of the Digital Rewards (apart from Revival) to each of our Kickstarter backers! I hope you’ve planned to spend the rest of the weekend getting together with your team and playing out some amazing adventures.

Your patience and support throughout this endeavor has been amazing and we thank you all for sticking with us as we march through completion of all these books. So, now that the Digital Rewards have been sent where does that leave the rest of the rewards?

Paperback rewards are moving along and we expect them to be released out to backers over the next couple of weeks. You can look forward to something special showing up in your mailbox soon! The Hardcover Expansions are going well and only lack some artwork as well as an index. The Definitive Edition is also moving straight along and only has about 12 pages left to be written as well as some artwork that should be delivered soon. Ed is working long hours to organize, write, and finalize these books. We’re hoping to get both the Hardcover and the Definitive Editions done on time and so far it’s looking good.

That just leaves Revival yet to be finished and the team is working diligently to put this last reward together for you. Things are coming around and we’re heading down the homestretch with this Kickstarter. Come see me next week to see where we’re at!

See you next time!