Consortium Expansion Updates – The Oracle

Work has been steadily moving along for these Expansion books and some of you have already seen a few finished products arrive to your inboxes.

Free Trader has now been sent in Digital Format to backers and has moved on to the printers for its Paperback edition! Predictive Genetic Algorithm has been sent for proofreading and will be ready for the same treatment very soon. The New Worlds book is taking a bit longer as the edits have been tougher to sort out but Ed has been hammering away and things are coming together now. Once New Worlds is finished it will move over to Keith where he will be making a brand new Solar System map. This new map promises to be an excellent addition to the Consortium!

Our other major Consortium project underway, Stiletto Unit miniatures, are in the works and going through their fascinating transformation from 3-D images to physical constructs. We’re aiming to have these little gems ready for MCM in May and UKGE so now you’ve got another reason to come by and see us!

That’s all I’ve got for Consortium news today but join me next week and I’ll have even more Miniature details to show you. Until next time!