Convention Prep!

Hi everyone!

I am going to apologise in advance: I won’t be posting at this time next week, because I will be at MCM Comicon in London, running Era: The Consortium and Era: The Empowered games for everyone!

It’s been really busy here.

So many deliveries:

  • Consortium Rulebooks
  • Lyres Rulebooks
  • Order of the Link Rulebooks
  • Posters for the Backdrop
  • Laminated maps for the Last Stand of Stiletto Unit session
  • Posters for sale

… Lots to carry!

I hope at least some of you guys will come see us at MCM.

Also, I’ve been working on the Bestiary (which is written) and the stories with Amy for the Era: Lyres Deluxe version. I’ve got Keith working on the US Letter Consortium Core Rulebook. It’s been a very busy time!

All of these Kickstarters are coming towards the delivery of their rewards now… It’s also an exciting time.

– Ed

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