More Conventions on the Way – The Oracle

Thank you to everyone who stopped by to meet Ed and our convention team at MCM Comicon in London. It was a fabulous event and we were thrilled to show our games to so many new folks. There are plenty of photos and a video on our Facebook page for anyone who wasn’t able to come see us.

Now that MCM is over we’re on our way to the next convention of the season which is; Aether Con. We still have room left in our game sessions so jump in and save your spot today. You can choose between sessions of Era: the Consortium, Era: Lyres, and Era: Empowered. Make sure you check us out November 10-12!

We still have 2 games with spots left if you want to try our games:

Era: The Empowered –

Era: Lyres –

Every year we attend as many conventions as possible. Each one is unique and fantastic in its own way. MCM is a bustling rush of fans and activity while Aether Con is a more focused and private event. Among the conventions we attend there is one that we feel is London’s best Tabletop RPG convention. Dragonmeet is a one day collection of gaming fans that we’ve had the pleasure of participating in for a few years now. This year we are an Associate Sponsor and we’d love to have you join us. Consider making plans now to play a few games with us on Saturday December 2nd!

Whether you’re joining us from the comfort of your own laptop at Aether Con or throwing some real dice at Dragonmeet, there’s nothing quite like playing one of our RPGs. We can’t wait to show you around these amazing games!

That’s everything I have for you today, come back on Saturday for another Consortium Expansion Spotlight!