Day Eighteen of Champion of Earth – Combinations

Hi everyone!

By now, if you’ve been following along, you’ll know that many of the cards in Champion of Earth have some interesting special abilities.

The power of them in this game, though, can be massively improved by  using them in combination. I’ve mentioned the Flamethrower briefly before, but not what it does.

Flamethrower (1)

This card does 4 damage to every face-up Monster in the Oncoming Horde!

Now, that’s pretty powerful in itself, but if you then add another card to it…

Parallel Dimension Duplication Device (2)

This is the Parallel Dimension Duplication Device. It becomes an exact copy of any other card you play. That means, you then have two Flamethrowers, so you do 8 Damage to every face-up Monster in the Oncoming Horde.

That should be close to enough to beat pretty much anything!

This is just one of a huge number of combinations that Champion of Earth offers… just imagine what you can do with some of the other cards I’ve already described!

– Ed

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