Day Nine of Champion of Earth – Alarming!

Hi everyone!

The alarm and the creatures that act like it in the game can be intensely strategic tools against your fellow players.

What they do is very simple: every monster of the same type will attack the players instantly. If you’ve played with the Quickstart Pack provided by the Kickstarter, you’re probably already familiar with this.

Creature – Werewolf puppy Alarm Alien – Crying Alien Baby

The Alarm is an Interrupt card (it can be played at any time, even during another player’s turn) will make everything in the Oncoming Horde instantly attack the active player.

The Crying Alien baby and the Werewolf Puppy will work on Aliens and Creatures respectively. There are a few other cards (such as the Alien Attack Pet) that even turn over something of another Monster Type (in that case, creature).

These moments can be devastating: a Crying Alien Baby that turns over a Mothership (9, +1 to all Aliens) and a Jetpack Alien (7, but now +1) could well spell doom for anyone who’s playing. In the same way, a well-placed alarm can sharply end the career of another hero who looks like they might win!

– Ed

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