Day Six of Champion of Earth – Vampirism

Hi everyone!

I mentioned yesterday about the fact that Undead have some really unique abilities on their cards, so I thought I’d go through a couple of the more interesting ones for you!

Vampires are well known for sucking blood, of course, and gaining power from doing so. As I observed previously, Undead tend to be weaker than their Alien and Creature allies, so I decided to put a little surprise in. The Elder Vampire instantly bites all of the Creatures currently in the Oncoming Horde and add that strength to its own.

Undead – Young Vampire – Bloodsucker (1)

This can make them extremely powerful the moment that they are turned over, instantly becoming extremely difficult to defeat (I’ll be talking about what the game does to address undefeatable monsters in a couple of days). I, personally, have observed an Elder Vampire go as high as 30 thanks to one unlucky player’s actions!

The players are in a difficult situation, then: do you work together to fight it and divide the spoils? Every Creature that is consumed is replaced by another Monster in the Oncoming Horde, so the situation can get very bad, very fast.

The one piece of good news is that all of the Creatures consumed go to the individual that kills the Elder Vampire (or are split between everyone, if that’s preferred!).

Good luck fighting the Elder Vampire. It won’t have any more mercy than any other member of the invasion, but it can be defeated!

– Ed

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