Dice and Stuff Season 2 has begun!

Hello everyone and welcome to Dice and Stuff!

…Wait, that’s not my line!

Dice and Stuff has begun Season 2 of their Podcast, which follows the intrepid adventures of the crew of the Wallace, a Resistance ship at the disposal of Claymore Unit.

They guys over at Dice and Stuff are doing a great job, and the podcasts are fun to listen to, so highly recommended. As an avid listener myself, I’ll be posting a weekly slot here, reminding you to go listen!

This week, Episode 17 covers the fallout from the end of Season 1 – the Wallace is out of control, Lancier has lost his arm and Zani is flying around space in a tank with Trisha clinging to the side!

If you’ve missed any previous episodes, you can find them all at Dice and Stuff’s website.

– Ed

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