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I know what you’re thinking. All those photos from MCM London look fabulous and you wish you could have made it but… your apartment was attacked by ninjas… you were forced to rescue a gaggle of old women from a sinking ship… a meteor struck your car just the moment before you were going to get in. Yeah, we totally understand, sometimes you just have a bad day.

Well, if you’ve got those or any other amazing excuse for not seeing us at MCM rest assured you will get another chance. Ed has been searching the countryside for other conventions we can drop in to. These won’t be quite as big and flashy as the London Comicon but we’re looking to spread the love a bit and hopefully catch some of our fans in those outlying towns. So, keep your ears tuned and your eyes peeled for more information because this is where you’ll hear it first.

We love running games and we plan on bringing as much fun, comics, rulebooks and adventure as we can shove into a rolling suitcase. I hope you’ll be there with us!

Until next time!

– A

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