Double DriveThru Survival!

Hi everyone!

Today, we’ve released two more Era: Survival books on DriveThruRPG:–Rulebook-Primer–Tales-of-the-Outlands

The Rulebook Primer is designed for two purposes. Firstly, it is a cut-down Rulebook for GMs who want to try the game without investing for the Core or Definitive Edition Rulebook. At only $5, it’s a steal! Secondly, it contains everything that a player needs to make a character and the full rules for the game, so it makes a fantastic Player’s Guide.

Tales of the Outlands is our second expansion for Era: Survival. It provides information and Adventure Seeds for what exists beyond the regions which hold Human civilisation. Dare you venture into the Outlands?

With these two released, there is only one more Era: Survival book pending release on DriveThruRPG – The Swarm Source Book. Keep an eye out for that, because the mysteries of the Swarm will be available to DriveThru customers soon!

– Ed