Empowered History: Jim Upton – The Oracle

On any given Saturday in most big box stores in the U.S.A., you’re likely to see a collection of security personnel. White shirt tucked inside black uniformed pants with a wide leather belt and shining silver badge made expressly to “seem” intimidating. These folks ride the fringes of authority every day to keep regular shopping citizens safe from the menace of pick pockets, vandals and the like. But, what do you really know about your mild mannered, comfort sole shoe wearing, uniformed rent-a-cop?

Take Jim, for instance. Jim Upton is a veteran of many armed military conflicts. You’d know by the way he carries himself that Jim can hold his own in a scuffle and that he’s seen plenty of action during his eight tours. What you can’t tell by looking at his face is that Jim is a survivor.

Eight tours in some of the meanest, toughest parts of the world and each time Jim Upton walked out with barely a scratch. But, that doesn’t mean he was pushing pencils! Every tour was a bare knuckle scrape through hell and back… and every time he was the only survivor from his unit.

Some folks called it luck, some called it a curse, and even Jim isn’t really sure. The only thing he does know for certain is that working as a loss prevention officer is a whole lot less dangerous. If things go right, no one at his new job will ever have to know about his past. He won’t have to bear the confused stares and the judgment ever again. Sure, it might be a bit dull… but that’s exactly what he’s looking for.

So, the next time you pass one of those bored looking security guards, just remember Jim Upton. And remember there may be more packed inside that rented uniform than just another Officer School drop out.

If Jim is lucky he’s going to live out the rest of his days never knowing why he survived while others died. He may never realize what bizarre twist of fate made him different than all the rest. Then again…perhaps he’s just about to find out!

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