Encounters on the Edge of Space!

Hi everyone!

I have some amazing news for you today. On our Patreon, we are now releasing monthly (free!) “Encounters on the Edge of Space”.

These Encounters are a short “bestiary entry”, designed to be setting-neutral and rules-neutral, so they can be used in Sci-Fi games of all sorts! They are inspired by the bestiary entries you see for D&D and other fantasy games – we’ve never seen as many Sci-Fi monsters as we would like. Matthew Knighton (who is a PhD in microbiology!) and I decided to fix that with the Encounters on the Edge of Space series.

In short, we’re proud to say that we’ll be releasing monthly creatures for you to enjoy in any Sci-Fi game you like! We’re glad to be helping people add variety to their Sci-Fi tabletops!

You can get the first entry, “The Memory” here, for free:

I hope you’ll join us there, and consider supporting our Patreon!

– Ed