Era: The Chosen – What Are The Lost Lands, Anyway?

Hi everyone!

The Lost Lands: what are they, how did they come to be?

The answer to the second question, no-one really knows*. Theories abound, but they are all baseless.

This area is some kind of “bridge dimension” between the mutually destructive dimensions of Aether and Erebus.

Our universe is young, expanding and full of life. Erebus is a dying universe – it’s even said that the Anonassi once roamed the stars, untold eons ago.

If matter from the two collide, it usually results in death: neither human nor Anonassi can survive in the other’s universe for more than about a minute.

The Lost Lands contains elements of both universes, and the several hundred square miles of ground progresses from sheer darkness to an increasingly bright grey as you approach Aether. While the light is unpleasant to the Anonassi, they are capable of standing it within the Lost Lands indefinitely.

This makes the Lost Lands our battleground, as Chosen. If we can fight them back from here, we can contain them and protect everyone in Aether.

– Ed

*Obviously, I do know, as the creator – it’s just not revealed in the first book!