Era: The Chosen – The Truth Behind the Legends (Part 2)

Hi everyone!

This is Part 2 of the “The Truth Behind the Legends” story.

I’ve also included the title image here, because that is Danielle Garcia herself, one of the greatest Chosen of the gun-toting Garcia Clan! Each of the Clans has its own identity, which I’m sure I’ll explain to you in the near future…


– Ed


After we got back to the normal world I’d always known, Danielle told me the truth. She told me how we humans had been hunted for years, but then finally we’d started fighting back. Certain families of humans, blessed – or cursed – with the ability to see the monsters began fighting back to keep these demons out of Aether. (I didn’t even know until that moment that we even had a name for our dimension, but the choice makes sense.) She said that the fight had been going on for generations, and that her family had been involved since the beginning.

Humans began our fight with swords and flintlocks, the best technology we had at the time. But technology changed, prodded by necessity and by the discoveries of the D’aoust clan. I had heard the name D’aoust – everyone in Harbour City has – but she told me that they salvage technology from this secret place, and that has made them powerful. She said that there are humans living in that grey landscape, and that the Nakamuras are helping them in their battle against the monsters. She told me of how he Chikes have been working for generations to counter the biological effects of the Anonassi. She explained how the Garcias develop and provide the latest weapons to the others for the fight. And she said that the Rostovs have fought all this time to keep everybody else ignorant of the life-and-death struggle that’s been going on right under their noses.

We’ve come a long way from swords. We’ve come through the invention of the rifle and high-velocity ammunition up to today, with our automatic weapons and clips of high-calibre shells. The gun in Danielle’s hand was the most advanced weapon I’d ever seen, and she smiled at me when I said so, telling me, “Oh, this? Sure, she’s a good gun. I like to have her by my side in a fight. But if you think she’s amazing, you should see her big sister in the arsenal.”

That’s how I first learned that I was Chosen.