Era: The Consortium Kickstarter Countdown – The Kurmaja

Hi everyone!

So, for the first of our countdown days, I’m going to take you back to the very beginning of the Consortium.

No-one really knows when the Kurmaja was launched from Earth, and no-one really knows whether the Kurmaja was the first of many or the last of any. What everyone does know is that the Kurmaja arrived in orbit of Taranis after over 1000 years of travel, and the captain decided to land and settle there.

The founders of the Consortium saw the potential of this world, and chose to make their home there.

They reverse-engineered the ship to make their first city, Kurma, and today I’m releasing an image of that event for the first time!

In the coming days, we’ll follow the history of the Consortium up to the beginning of the Kickstarter (in a very accelerated manner, of course!)

– Ed

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