Era: The Consortium Kickstarter Countdown – The Flexibility of Time

Hi everyone,

Just 4 days to go to launch!

Today, I’m going to talk about the ability that you guys will have to play at any point in the history of the Consortium – a factor we have used in the Patreon Campaign to provide you with time travel scenarios!

Each item and spaceship has a first available date, and pieces of technology that were replaced have a last use date. Planetary history is mentioned in each case, and we have even provided example scenarios to play as part of the GM section of the book for many of the stories within.

By way of an example, here is a small snippet from the example sessions section of the Rulebook:

The Solar Flare                       Year: 32CE

Session Type: Combat/Pacification                Player Roles: Riot Control Teams

A Solar Flare knocks out all power, communications, etc in Kurma City.

In order to contain the situation, martial law is imposed immediately by Smertios Security – by this time, Smertios Security controls the law enforcement for around half of the city. Other security companies are overmatched in their attempts to contain the rioting and looting. After the first night, many of them send requests to Smertios Security to command their forces to quell the riots – they have the experience their competitors do not.

On the second night, everything is very much more peaceful.

On the third morning, power is restored to the city:
Hayden Bank has become the leading bank in the Consortium. Other banks have had accidents with their backups during the blackouts which makes their acquisition by Ben Hayden quick and relatively easy.
Smertios Security now controls almost all of the security firms in Kurma City.
Open Technology is awarded the contract to restore power and create shielded power systems by the Senate.
C&C: Colonisation and Construction is given the contracts for the repairs.
Hardcastle Haulage ships in supplies from all over the planet to assist these activities.
Moritasgas Pharmaceuticals provides medical care at a loss for all those injured during the incident.
The Mining Conglomerate provided refined raw materials as needed.

There is great speculation about whether these seven companies, who controlled this issue so well together, should take over the government – the Senate is seen as timewasting and selfish.


We are very proud of the leaps we’ve been able to make offering this scope for the game, and we can’t wait to send it out to you all!

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– Ed

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