Era: The Empowered Kickstarter Update – The Oracle

Have you heard? Era: The Empowered smashed through its initial funding goal in only 18 hours and within 7 days had already blasted past 3 Stretch Goals! This high-intensity game is setting records and shaping up to be our biggest game ever. So, just what can you expect from this Kickstarter?

Now that we’ve surpassed several Stretch Goals, those who are pledged to receive a physical reward will not only get what they’ve originally chosen but will also receive:

  • A postcard featuring one of the Era: The Empowered characters!
  • A 5-Session Campaign which will involve a plot at the Empowered Department.
  • The chance to get the Player’s Guide, designed to let a player create a character and understand enough about the world to play.

Ed has plans for quite a few more Stretch Goals so there’s plenty of room to get some additional juicy extras with your support!

Speaking of extra tidbits, Leo from EraScapes has taken some of the stories from Era: The Empowered’s rulebook and turned them into fantastic audio adventures. Two are currently available for a listen and we will be posting another three before the end of the Kickstarter. This is a great way to get inside the world of the game and I encourage you to check them out.

I have links posted here but you can also find them listed on the Kickstarter page under the section “What is Era: The Empowered?”. Ed will also be posting the newest audio stories under the Kickstarter updates.

I’ll be sending out more news and updates about this Kickstarter as the days roll on but if you’d like a more in-depth connection with this game then I suggest you head over to the Era: The Empowered Facebook group. Ed is posting every day with story snippets, new images, and even an interview or two. Join the conversation and see what’s going on!

That’s all I’ve got for you today, be sure to come back on Saturday where I get to show you an image from one of our upcoming expansion books; New Worlds!

See you then!