Era: The Empowered, Special News Edition – The Oracle

Welcome to our Special News Edition. Today we are dedicating the entire day to Era: The Empowered! Chances are good that you’re at least somewhat familiar with our upcoming 90’s-style superhero game. We released a primer some time ago and we’ve introduced you to a few of this game’s characters through our Penumbra and Lacuna comics but there is still so much more to show you!

Right now, Ed is working with many different concept artists to imagine and even in a few cases re-imagine everything about our characters. The writing team is weaving together some fantastic stories using our new style guide and I think you’ll love what we’re coming up with. The game will offer you at least four different scenarios to play in; everything from discovering your powers, to an invasion by the people of Atlantis, to an apocalyptic event that we’re counting on you to prevent!

Curious to know who you’ll be playing as? Ed’s let me share with you some of the concept artwork for Empowered to help you get a feel for a few of the characters that you might run into…

15970701_10211123152891347_856297591_n 15991693_10158103180390077_1767135053_o HACK


Bastion and Hack are both a couple of beastly looking fellas. I can’t tell you what side of the moral compass they’re on but the first looks like someone I definitely wouldn’t want to arm wrestle and the second looks like he could program my toaster to kill mode. I bet you’re wondering about that assassin. Well, she’s a mystery you’re just going to have to wait to unravel.

15942053_10211101186262195_54374306_n 16121419_10158126420830077_454802915_o 15910416_10211082541076077_474223900_n

Meet Harbinger, Hathor, and K’Jarr. Each of these characters are deadly fascinating. One of them has lived their entire life at the bottom of the sea and another is trying desperately to push Empowered to the very limits of their skills… even if it kills them.


Hephaestus is our last Empowered character today. I’m not gonna lie, he’s far from our friendliest character. Some of you are gonna love him, some of you are gonna hate him but hopefully all of you will enjoy his part of this expansive world.

So, that’s a brief look at a few of the characters you haven’t heard about from this game. We’re working hard to build a brand new world and stock it with amazing heroes and villains. All in all, things are moving quite well and we’re looking at completion around the middle of this year. Time flies so be sure to check back here for all the pressing details.

Era: the Empowered day wouldn’t be complete without at least a snippet of a story for you. So, I’m sharing an early draft of something that I’ve been working on.


How Many Do We Need?

A commotion inside the small shipping warehouse at the edge of Werner’s Fishing supply docks in Manhattan caused a stir among the wharf cats. Three mongrel felines yowled and sped away as a black hole in the tin roof opened up and spat out a hoodie wearing boy. He tumbled through the air, spitting curses as he flew. Just before he struck the water, another black disc opened on the waves and swallowed him whole.

Lacuna slid back inside the warehouse from a portal opening on the wall and moved to plop down on a dusty couch. “I thought you could use some help. I said I was sorry.” Violete glared at him, pulling the edges of a bath towel around her soapy dripping chest.

“The next time, I’m going to throw you all the way back to Chicago you little-”

“Give the kid a break,” Penumbra said as she lounged on top of Zoey’s workstation, watching the animator bring to life a collection of nets, harpoons, crab baskets, and boat oars. The golems were hard at work creating the young girl’s inventions. “All your telekinesis and you were never tempted to dip a toe on the other moral side?”

“We don’t all abuse our powers, Penumbra.” Violete huffed. “We’re not criminals, like you.”

“And that’s what makes you a lot less interesting, darling.”


Thanks for sticking with us, we’ll see you next time!