Era: Hitman Kickstarter is Ending Soon! – The Oracle

Quick, you only have three more hours to get in on the latest Era game’s Kickstarter event! Fireball wielding assassins are only a click away. I’ll wait here while you go grab yourself a copy.

This one-week Kickstarter special has blown away our expectations. Thank you so much to all the fans, over 130 backers! We are completely funded and so pleased with this successful campaign that Ed’s decided to run a print version of the campaign.

The book itself is almost ready and the last of the artwork is coming in Thursday. I’ve got a sneak peek for you just to help get you excited. I think this image helps show that Hitman is capable of some fairly epic moments! We’ll be sending out the digital book just as soon as the money comes in from Kickstarter. What a great event, thank you again for making this such a success!

titlepage1 (2)

Now that we’ve accomplished getting Era: Hitman funded and that it will be out to backers shortly I can tell you that Champion of Earth is coming up soon! Ed and the team have recently been working on the rules and they’re turning out fabulous. I’ve been given permission to show you an image of how things are coming along. I think you’ll agree that it looks great. We know you’re going to love this game!

Rules Side 1

I’ll see you all in a few days when I get a chance to give you an update on how things are coming along in the Consortium universe!

See you next time!