Era: Hitman Special News Edition – The Oracle

Today, I’m talking about our unique assassin game, Era: Hitman. This game is plowing through production and it’ll be coming very soon so let’s get you some details!

On the outside, this game looks like a fairly normal, guns-for-hire, assassin rpg but when you get in close, you’ll notice that our assassins are anything but normal. Using a new adaptation of the Era d10 Rule Set, you get to incorporate super powers into your abilities! You could choose things like creating force fields, controlling air or fire, or a number of other fantastic powers. On the other hand, if you’re not into all that fireball throwing you can play through the game without any super abilities at all. The choice is yours!

This project has recently undergone a slight change in the direction of artist as our original artist has had to back out of the project, leaving us a few images yet to complete. Ed’s already found a replacement and with only 5 pictures left to go, we’re back on track!

Ed hopes to have this game ready and out to Kickstarter by the time we deliver all of the remaining Consortium books that were unlocked during the Expansion Kickstarter Event. It won’t be long now until Ed can go through his final pass and finish writing the Kickstarter, so keep an eye out!

That’s almost it for today, but I can’t leave you on a special news edition day without a little something extra. Ed’s given me the go-ahead to share an image from Hitman and I’m always happy to show off the great work our artists are doing. I don’t ask for much in life but an armory like this is definitely towards the top of my list!

Part 2 Title Page

See you next time!