Era: Silence Kickstarter wrap-up

Congratulations to the team who created and everyone who supported Era: Silence! The Kickstarter event is now officially finished. Thank you to everyone who came together and made this event happen. Once again, we couldn’t be out here making games if it weren’t for the dedication and loyalty of our amazing fans. You guys are why we do what we do every day!

Era: Silence was a knock out event which ended not only completely funded but also smashed many Stretch Goals and achieved a whole host of Soundscapes. So, the next question I know you’re asking yourself is… “When are you delivering Era: Silence?”

Sooner than you think. The proof has already been signed off and Ed is expecting to receive the order in the next few weeks. That’s faster than almost any other project we’ve created. The Digital Rulebooks are ready to go and will be released just as soon as the payments have been confirmed, with the Physical books heading out not long after that.

After that it’s just the small matter of developing the Soundscapes. Now those will require a little more flexibility. These soundscapes take a great deal of work and we’re aiming to have around 1 finished per week until the remainder of them are complete. That’s a tight schedule but we’re confident Leo can get it done. We will definitely keep you up to date as things get finished so be sure to check back here often for the most current news.

Until next time, keep rolling!

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