Era Silence and a Request for a Beta Tester! – The Oracle

Thank you to everyone who helped make our Lacuna comic a successful kickstarter. We ended at nearly 200% funded and because we got so close Ed has decided to go ahead and give out the £600 Stretch Goal! That’s great news and will give everyone a chance to explore the Era: Empowered game further. There’s so much to enjoy about this new universe I can’t wait to see what you think.

Our next project coming to Kickstarter will be Era: Silence. This will be your first opportunity to check out a whole new playing experience with RPGs. Ed and the development team have worked hard to bring you something truly unique. I’ll have some more detailed information on Monday about this innovative game so come back in a few days and you can find out more before it goes live.

While we’re waiting for that to happen I have a special request for all you fabulous game players out there. Do you remember our in-development card game, Champion of Earth? This is our first strictly card based game and is about defending earth from aliens who have resurrected the undead and brought creatures out of the shadows to subdue humanity. Sounds like fun right? The goal of the game is to defeat more of the enemy than the other players so even in defeat you can still win! If you’re still with me and this game sounds like something you’d like to try then we’d love for you to be on our beta-tester team. The mechanics have been fixed up and we’re ready for you to take it on a spin. Email Ed at for more information.

One last update for you today. Ed is working as fast as he can to get out our new website. He’s going at this on his own so it’s had to be squeezed in between conventions and new game developments. Right now the site is created and the structure is being filled with our content. It’s coming along and I hope to be able to show you something in a few weeks.

That’s all for today. See you again next time!

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