Era: Survival Kickstarter – Infected Manual

Hi everyone!

The Era: Survival – Expansions into the Unknown Kickstarter [ ] is going really well! We hope you’ll consider joining us there, as each Stretch Goal achieved gives every backer over £1 a new expansion!

Today, I’m talking about one of the three books unlocked by the initial Stretch Goal, the Infected Manual.

This book brings a huge number of new options for Infected which can be encountered on Gaia.


Along with supporting the existing biomorphs which are present in the Core Rulebook, it offers 80 more, bringing the total to 100 possibilities!

Creatures can now be gargantuan, or super-strong, or have armour. They can also have saliva that acts like superglue, spit acid, leave blood trails to lure players into a trap and much, much more.

8 - Vehicle-Based Combat small

We’ve set this up to allow for easy and fast random generation using a roll from a d100 (or two d10 dice). With this expansion, not only will the players truly never have any idea what they might face around the corner, but the GM won’t have to worry about generating a horde of Infected at short notice!


The new biomorphs are available for both Mutants and Shamblers: the abilities are sometimes varied depending on which category the monster the party faces falls into, giving even more variety!

One thing is for sure: exploring Gaia will never be the same again!

Will You Survive?

– Ed