Era: Survival Kickstarter – The Swarm Expansion

Hi everyone!

The Era: Survival – Expansions into the Unknown Kickstarter [ ] is only one day in and is going brilliantly!

Today, I’m talking about the first of the three Funded Goal rewards, The Swarm Source Book!

The Swarm is a Faction Source Book about the mysterious civilisation in the northern-most reaches of inhabited Gaia. Instead of allowing themselves to be Infected and fight it with Injection,like the rest of Humanity, they choose to burn everything for 100 miles around the region they call home.


They don’t stay restricted to their own region, however: they are expanding across Gaia at an ever-increasing rate.

To do this, they need their own army, of course. That’s where the Abcediaries (mind control experts who change ordinary people into Drones), Artificers (technology experts who create advanced and terrifying weapons) and Ashen (commanders who direct troops with ruthless efficiency) come in.


These Specials each have their own area of focus and unique Backgrounds, all of which are found in The Swarm Source Book.

The Swarm also offers new rules: experience Squad-based Combat!

You can get this and two other expansions for just £10 on our Kickstarter, so join us there:

Will You Survive?

– Ed