Era: Survival Kickstarter – Tales of the Outlands

Hi everyone!

The Era: Survival – Expansions into the Unknown Kickstarter [ ] is going really well, just 3 days into the Campaign! We hope you’ll consider joining us there to explore the post-apocalyptic world of Gaia as it expands!

Today, I’m talking about the third book which goes to every backer over £1 when we reach the Funded Goal – “Tales of the Outlands – Legends about the Edge of the Known World”.

I know, the title is a bit of a mouthful – we’re working on it!

This book explores the possibilities of Gaia and talks about what exists beyond the point which Human civilisation dares to roam.

4 - Underestimation

The book includes stories of god-like creatures, colonies where Infected aren’t controlled by the parasites, a cure for Infection and even legends of a utopian civilisation where Infection is not an issue.

How true they are is up to you and your group… but many venture out in search of such legends and are never seen again…


If you’re crazy enough to head into the Outlands, the first piece of equipment most people will offer you is a coffin.

This book provides a few alternative possibilities, however, in the form of survival equipment not found in the Core Rulebook.

This book is designed to help you expand the horizons of your Era: Survival game, extending it beyond the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Human-controlled Gaia and out into whatever is beyond.

You can get hold of this book, along with The Swarm Source Book and the Infected Manual, by backing the Kickstarter [ ]!

Will You Survive?

– Ed