Era: The Chosen, coming soon!

Hi everyone!

In about a week, we’re going to be putting Era: The Chosen – our horror game – up on Kickstarter. So I thought now would be a great time to remind you what it’s all about!

Our universe is under siege.

Most people don’t realise it – that feeling of a hand reaching out towards your from behind is dismissed quickly and easily.

But the hand really is there. You just can’t see it.

The Chosen can, however – some quirk of genetics has meant that they are able to see the portals, see the dark denizens of another universe invading our own. It’s also meant that they are able to enter the “bridge” realm of the Lost Lands and fight back.

Over the generations, these invaders – who we learned were called the Anonassi – have been pushed back towards their own dimensions. As our technology developed, so did their biology, and they have terrifying weapons to bring to bear, aiming to destroy us all and enter Aether.

We have no choice but to fight if we want to survive.

And that, friend, is where you come in…

Era: The Chosen features new rules for the Era d10 Rule Set, which explore the Terror that soldiers in this war experience, and offset that with Trophies from defeated enemies.

You can play in any of three time periods – Renaissance, Industrial Revolution and Modern. In each era, the technology is different, the enemy holds different areas of the Lost Lands and you must adapt your tactics accordingly.

We have loads of further plans for this game as well, so don’t forget to check it out on Kickstarter next week!

– Ed