Era: The Chosen – Trophies

Hi everyone!

In Era: The Chosen, Triggers build up for your character, but so do Trophies, as you defeat enemies!

Trophies are often taken off the corpses of your enemies, and will grant special abilities. This could be anything from a tooth from a brute, or a chunk of flesh from a Fallen.

Rather than having inherent powers within the trophies, they remind characters of a time they were successful despite the odds, spurring them onto greatness in their next battle. This usually has an effect on their likelihood to gain Triggers when in battle against certain types of Anonassi.

There’s obviously a lot more information in the Rulebook, which I am not quite ready to share, but I am willing to answer any questions you guys have, so please feel free to post a reply if you have a question!

– Ed