Era: The Empowered Update 12

Hi everyone!

I’ve asked the Beta readers to finish by now, and am receiving feedback. Honestly, there’s nothing big, or any issues that require large changes, so I’m very encouraged! Era: The Empowered has gone really well on the writing side and I think the text is print-ready at this stage.

The images still need to be finished, and Keith is working overtime to make it happen as quickly as possible. Even so, art can’t be rushed if you want it to be good, and we still want Era: The Empowered to be breathtaking! I’ve got a sketch for you today, which is of the ex-Atlantean hero K’Jarr showing another Atlantean who’s boss! Despite his lower levels of strength, K’Jarr has been able to hold his own against his people, even during their invasion.

Keith and I are going to continue to work through the images as fast as possible, but I’m sure you understand that we need to make sure they do this amazing game justice, so if there’s a delay because of that, I hope you will understand.

– Ed